GPS Source when Using i-Pilot Link Functions

Which GPS is in control when using i-Pilot® Link™?

NOTE: the i-Pilot Link’s GPS is always used for controlling the boat.


  • When you tell the i-Pilot Link to use Spot-Lock it uses the GPS from the i-Pilot Link. 
  • When you mark a Spot-Lock on the Humminbird or use the active cursor to mark a Spot-Lock on the Humminbird you will use the GPS from the Humminbird unit to mark this location.
  • When you mark a waypoint on the Humminbird you use the GPS from the Humminbird.
  • When you use the i-Pilot Link’s remote and press and hold the Spot-Lock button it marks a waypoint using the Humminbird's GPS.  This is a normal waypoint not a Spot-Lock waypoint.
  • When you use the i-Pilot Link’s remote and you press and release the Spot-Lock on the remote you will use the i-Pilot Link's GPS.
  • When you initiate record for an iTrack from i-Pilot Link or the Humminbird while the two units are talking you will be using the i-Pilot Link's GPS to record the iTrack.
  • When you initiate record an iTrack from the Humminbird and it is not talking to the i-Pilot Link then you will use the Humminbird's GPS.
  • When the user initiates a Go To function on a previously saved navigational item (Spot-Lock, Waypoint, iTrack) and the Humminbird is connected, the GPS coordinates always come from what is stored in the Humminbird and is sent to the i-Pilot Link for navigation. 
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