Auto-Disable Imaging feature on ONIX, ION, SOLIX and APEX

What is the Auto-Disable Imaging Feature on my SOLIX/ONIX/ION unit?

In software version 3.000 we launched a feature called Auto-Disable Imaging.

The feature is located under Sonar Settings > CHIRP Sonar > 360 Imaging.

It is a feature for SOLIX/ONIX/ION users who want the clearest image possible while using 360 Imaging.

  • If the Auto-Disable Imaging is turned on:
    • If the 360 is deployed then SI and DI will temporarily "stop" pinging.  
    • If the 360 is retracted then SI and DI will resume as normal.

If the Auto-Disable Imaging is turned off:

  • SI and DI continue to ping like normal independent of the 360 state.

The default state for this feature is OFF.

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