Products that have metric measurements and/or languages other than English

Humminbird products purchased from a US retailer or e-tailer will read in English only menus and measure in feet, Fahrenheit and mph. Product with menus in languages other than English and metric measurements can only be purchased through an authorized retailer in that language's country or region.

You can find a local retailer or Authorized Distributor at our Dealer Locator by entering in the name of your country (in English), expand the Radius from 25 miles to 250 miles and click on Search.  

You may also need to click on the "-" (zoom out) symbol on the left side of the map to expand the area shown.  If you still cannot find a dealer in your area email us to find your local authorized Humminbird distributor.  

While you may find that the pricing from US suppliers to be more attractive than your local dealer, there are several reasons for this: 

US warranty is one year on most products (excludes some Smartcast products with six month warranty). Products purchased from your local dealer will carry a warranty required by your country or regions government. This additional warranty period adds cost to the product.

  • Products purchased from the US will only carry the warranty honored in the US and must be returned to the factory in the US for service. If you should require warranty or out of warranty service, you are responsible for freight charges to and from our factory in Eufaula, AL USA.
  • Products purchased from your local dealer should include an operations manual with your countries legal language which must be produced by the local authorized distributor. Products purchased in the US will only include a manual in English on a CD.   
  • Products purchased from your local dealer will contain menus with your local language and metric measurements. Our international/metric products currently support 26 languages (see below). This also adds development costs to the products.
  • Products purchased from your local dealer adhere to local or regional certification requirements which are not needed in the US and add costs to the development of products. Examples would be CE in Europe and CTick in Australia.
  • Some products have frequency operating requirements which are specific to your country or region. These same frequencies are not legal in the US therefore not sold by US retailers or e-tailers. Using US approved products in your country or region may result in fines or legal action. Examples: VHF radios and all Smartcast products
  • Products with GPS functions do not allow for time zones to be reset outside of the US time zones. This will affect your ability to acquire satellites.

If you purchase a product in the US we do not convert this product for you in our factory or at a local distributor  In addition we do not send software to update the product

Languages Supported on our Metric models: 

Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese*, Japanese*, Korean*, Traditional Chinese*

  • *Requires unit to be in Asian mode. 
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