Can MEGA Live and MEGA 360 be used at the same time?

MEGA Live and MEGA 360 can be used together.  But the following conditions exist:

  • With HELIX products, they cannot be displayed on the same view
  • With SOLIX and APEX they can be displayed on the same view
  • On both systems, MEGA 360 can be in-view on one unit while MEGA Live is in-view on a different unit.  

It is possible that you will see interference (talk or noise) between the two products.  We recommend the following:

  • Most Important: All units on the boat must be on the same Ethernet Network.  
  • The Interference Rejection/Avoidance feature in the MEGA Live should be On.  The options are:  Off, Low, Medium and High.  We recommend that the menu be set to Low.  Low is the default setting.  
    • On HELIX this menu is in the Accessories Tab.
    • On SOLIX/APEX this menu is in the Main Sonar Menu under Home/Settings/Sonar.

Moving cables, changing the 2D noise filter or changing frequencies will not be effective for this issue.  

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