How to Prevent Wear and Tear to the MEGA Live TargetLock

Preventing Damage to Cables

With any item that has external cables, damage to these is a possibility. Following installation instructions will help avoid this.

There is also an overcurrent limit which will trigger this message: "Motor stopped to prevent damage", if the cables on the product get too tight, preventing the motor from steering correctly.

If this message appears, the motor can be turned in the opposite direction manually or with steering controls.

If the motor does not respond to steering controls, and cannot be turned by hand, please contact us directly. 

Reference the installation guide here.

Preventing Damage to the Shaft

The shaft is designed to be flexible to a certain extent, but it does not bend (very similar to current MEGA Live and MEGA 360 shafts).

In order to provide sufficient stability, the Bow-Mount Stabilizer Kit (Bounce Buster) and the motor's Hold Down Strap should always be used,

Refer to your motor's installation guide for more information on these products.

Keeping it Quiet

It's relatively quiet, no louder than a trolling motor is when steering. Damage to the product could make it noisier over time. Follow the guidelines above to prevent undue noise. 

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