Backlight Adjustments

HELIX Products

To adjust you backlight, press the POWER key.  This will pull up the Express Menu

Cursor down one time to Light.  Using the right or left Cursor button, press until you have reached the desired setting.  Left dims the setting and right increases the setting.  

Night model is also available on this menu.  

After pressing the POWER key and the Express Menu appears, cursor down two times to Night Mode.  This setting can be turned On or Off.  On is selected by the right cursor, Off is selected by the left cursor.  If turned On, It automatically adjusts the setting to 6.  You can turn it to off and it automatically returns the settings to 10  


SOLIX & APEX Products

From the Home page, select Settings, then select General

Under Backlight you ca adjust it from 1 through 10. 

Or you can turn Night Mode, On or Off.  Night Mode set to On automatically adjusts the setting to 1.  If you turn it Off, it automatically returns it to 10.  

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