MEGA Live TargetLock Features Overview

What is TargetLock?

The TargetLock feature allows anglers to set a directional lock of the live sonar and it will keep itself oriented, so anglers never lose sight of the structure, even while the boat moves in the water.

MInn Kota Steer

Minn Kota Steer provides anglers the ability to steer both their trolling motor AND MEGA Live using only their Ultrex foot pedal. When the fishing scenario requires, MEGA Live can stay pointed wherever the motor is pointed, for quick target acquisition while anglers look for fish. (best paired with Forward mode on MEGA Live)

MEGA Live Sweep

The MEGA Live Sweep provides a constant 120 degree sweep out in front of the boat to help identify structure and fish while maintaining control of the trolling motor.

Notice! Requires AS GPS HS or Minn Kota Heading Sensor with Ultrex Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link.


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