MEGA Live TargetLock Remote Overview and Pairing

This article will cover Features, Pairing, Power, Software and Videos.


The MEGA LIve TargetLock remote features a TargetLock button, One Boat Network Button and Left and Right Arrow buttons.  The One Boat Network Button can be customized to return your transducer to the home position, mark waypoints, enable/disable pinging, Sweep your transducer OR enable Minn Kota Steer.  Information on customization begins on page 55 of the new MEGA Live Imaging Operations Manual at the below link.   


Instructions for pairing your foot pedal is Series specific.  Instructions can be found in the Remote Quick Start Guide


The remote is powered by a CR2450 coin cell battery.  We do not recommend using a rechargeable battery.  Battery life will vary according to usage.  

Software Updates

Any future software updates for this item will be performed automatically whenever the remote is paired to the Humminbird unit via Bluetooth.  


What is TargetLock?

TargetLock & MEGA 360

One Boat Network Button Overview

One Boat Network Button Customization

MEGA Live Sweep

MInn Kota Steer

Independent Steer


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