MEGA Live Dynamic Contrast Modes Explained

The Dynamic Contrast setting for MEGA Live significantly changes how the picture is presented in order to highlight different aspects of your view. There are 3 settings or modes available: BalancedHigh and Low. We have provided examples and explanations for each of the Dynamic Contrast modes below.

To find this setting, perform the following while in the MEGA Live view:

  • HELIX: Press the MENU key > use the DOWN cursor key to select Dynamic Contrast > use the LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys to make your selection.
  • APEX and SOLIX: Press the Menu key or select Sonar (MEGA Live) in the top left corner of the view screen > use the touchscreen or the joystick to select Dynamic Contrast > make your selection with the touchscreen or Joystick and Checkmark key. 

Special Note: The Dynamic Contrast settings can be additionally fine-tuned using the Contrast and Sensitivity settings. The default value for both is "10". This is meant to be a starting point, and we encourage experimenting with the values to create the best picture for your needs. 

Dynamic Contrast: Balanced

This setting is the default choice because it offers the best image from MEGA Live in most water conditions.

Dynamic Contrast: High

Useful for shallow water conditions and when there is too much clutter in the image. However, the setting is a not a strong choice for jig tracking.

Dynamic Contrast: Low

This setting is most useful for deeper water and increased bait tracking and visibility. You will expect to see more clutter overall, however.

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