Transducer Mounting Options

What transducer installation options are available?

Most Humminbird units come with everything necessary for installation and operation on most boats. (The exception to this would be the ION Series products.  These products and strictly MFDs and require additional purchases depending on how you want your MFD system set up.)  If a transom-mount transducer will not work for you, there are several options they may work better for you.    

Inboard boats, wood or metal hulls, and sail boats create unique transducer mounting needs. Alternate transducers and mounting methods are detailed below.

Portable Mounting  The standard transducer can be adapted for portable installations with a portable mounting kit available from Humminbird. This accessory adapts your transducer to a suction cup mount for temporary installation on the boat hull or other surface.

Trolling Motor Mounting  The standard transducer can also be adapted to mount on most trolling motors using a different accessory kit. This accessory includes a bracket and hose clamp that allows mounting the transducer to the body of most trolling motors. 

Thru-Hull Mounting  Thru-hull transducers install through a hole drilled in the hull of the boat. Larger boats or boats with inboard motors create turbulence that make transom mounting ineffective. Also, hulls that are very thick or are double layered, or made from materials such as wood or metal, (which do not conduct sonar signals) make inside the hull mounting inadvisable.  We have thru-hull transducers available in metal and plastic.  

Visit our FAQ on our transducer exchange product for other transducer possibilities dependent on your boat's needs.

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