LakeMaster not Working

My LakeMaster Humminbird card does not work in my Humminbird GPS

If your Humminbird GPS Combo is not displaying the LakeMaster map card try the following: 

  • In your Humminbird unit, check the "Chart Select" or "Map Source" options under the Chart Tab to verify that the map card is being read (See Example 1 below).  Choose Auto, Left/Right card slot, or VX/Legacy Chart cards depending on your unit.
  • Check to ensure you have a compatible  Humminbird GPS combo product, using the Humminbird Cartography Compatibility Chart as a reference.
  • Check to ensure that your Humminbird Fish Finder has the most recent update available.
  • Occasionally setting your Humminbird to North Up under the Nav tab (Legacy), Chart Tab (HELIX), or Chart view (SOLIX/APEX). LakeMaster map cards will also display in "Course Up" and 'Head (Heading) Up" mode. (See Example 2 below)

After checking and adjusting the above settings, you should be able to zoom into a LakeMaster lake and see contours.

Example 1

(Legacy [Left] and HELIX [Right])



Example 2

(Legacy [Left] and HELIX [Right])



  • Ensure that your map card is a Humminbird LakeMaster Card.  Humminbird products do not support older Lowrance or Garmin LakeMaster cards.  

If you are still having problems displaying contours, please contact us.

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