Things to check if you have a problem with a map card

I seem to be having problems with my map card. What can I check?

Micro cards with SD adapters and SD cards can be very delicate.  We suggest looking for the following:

  1. Broken, bent or scratched connectors on the back side of the card
  2. Corrosion on the connectors on the back side of the card.  You can try cleaning the contacts with a Q-tip and alcohol to see if you can remove some or all of the corrosion. 
  3. Hairline cracks in your Micro card.  (see image below)

Cards that have been physically damaged are not covered under warranty.  Warranty on SD cards is 30 days.  

You can also open your cartography card in your computer to make sure that the lake files have not been deleted from the card. 

  • If you need assistance with verifying your files are intact please contact us here.

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