New AutoChart survey not fitting in the current custom map

I just completed surveying a new area of my lake and it would not fit inside of the current custom map. What should I do?

Your custom map is saved to the AC file on the ZeroLine Map Card. Each custom map covers approximately 620 x 620 miles(1000 x 1000 km). This area is large enough for most users, but if you try to add new content outside this area, you will get an error message.

If you receive an error message, use the instructions in this section to add a new custom map folder. However, it is recommended that you review Changing the Internal Map Border before proceeding. It may be possible to adjust the red box to accommodate your map data instead of creating a new custom map folder.

  1. Open the ZeroLine Map Card.
  2. Right-click the AC folder.
  3. Select Re-name.
  4. Name the folder AC1.
  5. Create a new folder on the ZeroLine Map Card. (Right-click the card directory. Select New > Folder.)
  6. Name the new folder AC.
  7. New custom map data will be added to the AC folder.
    • If you want to add data to AC1 (the first map you created), rename the current AC folder to AC2. Then, rename AC1 to AC
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